Jun 08 2016

SIS 2016: Cloud Technology Is a Powerful Connector for Nonprofits

Given the lean and small nature of most startups and many nonprofits, cloud applications and cloud-based infrastructure are essential in in supporting organizational operations and growth. We spoke with nonprofit and startup leaders at Social Innovation Summit to hear how the cloud has helped their organizations achieve their missions and operate efficiently. Check out more of our coverage from Social Innovation Summit 2016 to learn more about technology's potential for good.


    • Isabel Sheinman, Director of Business Development at Library for All
    • Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner at Farm from a Box
    • John Frabroni, CEO of Operation Spark
    • Evin Robinson, Co-Founder of New York on Tech

Video Highlights

  • For data-intensive organizations, leveraging the cloud for scale and flexibility is key
  • Virtualized environments and cloud-based tools are vital to nonprofits with a focus on software development
  • Using cloud applications and infrastructure allows distributed teams to work seamlessly and efficiently