Jun 07 2016

SIS 2016: Capitalizing on the Power of Tech for Good

Technology is known as a disruptor in the startup world, but it's also a powerful force for good. We spoke with nonprofit and startup leaders at the 2016 Social Innovation Summit in Washington D.C., to get their take on how technology has been leveraged by their organizations to serve the greater good. Check out more of our coverage from Social Innovation Summit 2016 to learn more about technology's potential for good.


    • Isabel Sheinman, Director of Business Development at Library for All
    • Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner at Farm from a Box
    • John Frabroni, CEO of Operation Spark
    • Evin Robinson, Co-Founder of New York on Tech

Video Highlights

  • The ability for people to connect and communicate globally is evidence of tech's power for good
  • By leveraging sensor and wireless technology, agriculture in communities can prosper and thrive
  • Believing in the phrase "tech for good" indicates that you have a desire to leave a lasting impact