Jun 26 2018

Simplicity and Elegance Drive Adoption of Technology

Users want speed, privacy and personalization in their new devices and technology. They also want it simple: The human voice, rather than keyboards or websites, may become the primary interface for future devices. At the CDW Upgrading and Preparing for the Future SummIT, Nigel Moulton, CTO for the modern data center team at Dell EMC, talked about ways to make new technology attractive to users. Visit our CDW Upgrading and Preparing for the Future SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Nigel Moulton, CTO, Modern Data Center Team, Dell EMC

Video Highlights

  • Users want speed, personalization, privacy and customization from new technologies.
  • Innovations that focus the most on simplicity and elegance in design and operation are the ones most likely to see mass adoption.
  • The human voice may overtake traditional interfaces as the primary way to interact with technology.