May 04 2023

RSAC 2023: Effective Employee Training Is a Key Component of Sound Cybersecurity Posture

Because phishing attacks remain one of the most common cybersecurity threats, organizations must educate their employees and enlist them in efforts to prevent breaches. However, many organizations are still using training tools that employees find boring, rendering them ineffective. Cybersecurity experts say engaging education and training will help employees identify threats and enable organizations to act on them, transforming employees from a risk into a strength.

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    • David Raissipour, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Mimecast
    • Jenny Brinkley, Director, Amazon Security
    • Steve Stone, Head of Zero Labs, Rubrik

Video Highlights

  • Because employees can frequently be the target of cyberattacks, education is key in arming them to become part of an organization's defense system.
  • Security is a human problem, and the type of education content an organization creates can help define expectations of how people should work and operate.
  • Cybersecurity training should be fun, relatable, educational and, most important, actionable.