Oct 02 2023

CDW Executive SummIT: Building a Culture of Cybersecurity Within Your Organization

Cybersecurity isn't a new trend, but it certainly is a persistent one. The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in hybrid work, remote connectivity and mobile device usage. And cyberattackers have evolved to adapt to those new potential vulnerabilities. Automation and artificial intelligence offer new tools to help defend your digital ecosystem, but many organizations are still unprepared to adopt these technologies. At the CDW Executive SummIT in Dallas, IT decision-makers considered the potential of AI in the security arena and also noted the need to simplify and consolidate security tools and platforms.

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    Peter Romness, Cybersecurity Principal, CISO Advisors Office, Cisco

    Marcos Christodonte II, Vice President and Global CISO, CDW

    Christopher Shelton, Senior Director of Infrastructure, Operations and Cybersecurity, Outdoor Living Supply

    Abhilash Rajan, Senior Director of Technology, Systems and Facility Operations, New America

Video Highlights

  • Remote work, mobile devices and cloud migration have all introduced complicated new wrinkles for any organization's security strategy.
  • Cybersecurity teams must emphasize collaboration in order to eliminate silos and improve overall security posture.
  • Automation offers exciting potential for organizations looking to boost cybersecurity, but there is also a need for greater visibility and control.