May 20 2021

RSA 2021: How to Best Protect Against Threats in the Cloud

Given the rapid migration to the cloud during the pandemic, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting remote workers and stoking concerns about cloud security. At RSA 2021, we spoke with thought leaders about how best to protect your assets in the cloud.  

View more of our coverage from RSA Conference 2021 and gain insight into how the conversation about cybersecurity is growing and evolving.


    Ryan Nicholson, Senior Technical Advisor, SANS Institute

    Greg Young, Vice President for Cybersecurity, Trend Micro

    Joe Kuehne, Editor, BizTech

Video Highlights

  • A major increase in remote workers and rapid migration to the cloud combined to create friction over the past 14 months.
  • Cloud migration has highlighted concerns about identity and access management.
  • Along with the challenges, new opportunities have arisen, such as extended detection and response, and zero trust.