Mar 07 2019

RSA 2019: Building a Successful Partnership Between Legal and IT Departments

Although it might seem that cybersecurity is strictly the domain of IT, that's not really the case. Successful organizational cybersecurity is a team sport, and with cybersecurity in particular, that means IT workers must work with lawyers who ensure the company is compliant with any legal requirements for privacy and data collection at the city, state and national level. We spoke with two leaders from Under Armour about how they've been able to establish a successful partnership between their teams, despite being from opposite sides of the tracks.

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    • C.M. Toke Vandervoort, SVP, Deputy General Counsel, Under Armour
    • Matt Dunlop, VP, CISO, Under Armour

Video Highlights

  • It's important to share information often between departments through both formal and informal means.
  • An understanding of legal implications from IT is critical for companies that have a global footprint, as the rules can vary greatly country by country.
  • Assume good intention on both sides and find opportunities to partner in areas where your interests dovetail.