Apr 02 2020

Remote Work Video: Experts Provide Insights on Optimizing Work from Home

Organizations in a variety of industries are moving their employees to work from home as the U.S. deals with an unprecedented health crisis. Making this move with little notice and planning is a major challenge, and many organizations face an uphill climb. In addition to enabling the productivity of their workers, companies must maintain the security of an IT environment that is undergoing major changes. To help companies address these challenges, Nathan Coutinho, director of collaboration solutions for CDW, asked other experts from the company to provide their insights on how organizations can enable remote work while addressing challenges in a number of areas, including culture, networking, security and collaboration.

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    Nathan Coutinho, Director of Collaboration Solutions, CDW

    Mike Elrod, Principal Field Solution Architect, CDW

    Sven Rasmussen, Enterprise Networking Team Lead, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Solution Architect Team Lead, Collaboration, CDW

    Jeff Falcon, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, CDW

    Craig Radloff, Enterprise Collaboration Consultant, CDW



Video Highlights

  • In many cases, organizations can use solutions they already have in place to enable remote work, such as setting up virtual private networks through firewalls and routers. 
  • Solutions such as VPNs and home wireless routers can be configured to prioritize important traffic, such as videoconferences, over entertainment apps such as Netflix.
  • As organizations move to deploy the collaboration tools that users need to work remotely, cloud-based solutions can help these efforts scale up quickly. 
  • Multifactor authentication should be implemented wherever possible to help protect data from cyberthreats. 
  • IT departments that plan to use videoconferencing extensively should consider high-quality components that deliver a better user experience.