Jan 18 2024

NRF 2024: Top 5 Augmented Reality Use Cases in Retail

As recently reported by Yahoo Finance, shoppers are surprising some experts by returning in sizable numbers to brick-and-mortar stores. But when they visit those stores today, they are bringing with them new expectations: Online shopping has evolved rapidly in recent years, and today's retail customer expects the same kind of convenient and technologically enhanced experience in person.

Augmented reality allows retailers to offer customers a shopping experience greatly enhanced by digital capabilities. And it's the kind of transformative technology that applies across an omnichannel retail experience. At NRF 2024, CDW's Jill Klein, head of emerging technology and Internet of Things, highlighted her top five uses cases for AR in retail this year.

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    Jill Klein, Head of Emerging Technology and IoT, CDW

Video Highlights

  • In 2024, augmented reality will help retailers offer customers digital enhancements, whether shopping online or in person.
  • AR technology will allow customers to try on clothing or visualize furniture in their real-world environments.
  • AR will ensure a simplified, smooth and enjoyable experience for in-person shoppers.