Jan 15 2018

NRF 2018: Bringing Tech and AI into Fashion Design

How can artificial intelligence enhance creativity during fashion design and ultimately speed delivery of products more attuned to customers' desires? Those are the questions that IBM collaborated with the Fashion Institute of Technology and design house Tommy Hilfiger to research — with FIT students tapping IBM tools throughout the design and production process. The results show how tech can bring agility to a highly creative endeavor.

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    Michael Ferraro, Executive Director, Infor Design & Tech Lab, Fashion Institute of Technology

    Grace McCarty, Senior Design Student, Fashion Institute of Technology

Video Highlights

  • IBM, FIT and Hilfiger collaboration illustrates how to introduce tech early in the design and creative process to affect product development.
  • Fashion students find that AI tools help inspire and bring their own ideas to life in new designs.
  • Ultimately, the project suggests that the use of AI, social listening and other tech can speed the delivery of products that will be more viable because they meet customer demands.