Jan 29 2024

NRF 2024: How AI Is Elevating the Customer Experience in Retail

Artificial intelligence has been in use by retailers for years to augment customer service efforts. But with the introduction of generative AI, retailers are now exploring more expansive and varied applications for the technology. They're leveraging the large volumes of data that they collect to provide a more personalized and specific shopping experience to their customers. And they're also using AI to streamline the ways their store associates access information and share it with in-store shoppers. At NRF 2024, IT leaders shared the innovative ways they're taking advantage of the new opportunities AI offers for an elevated user experience in the retail sector.

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    Nathan Cartwright, Chief Architect of Artificial Intelligence, CDW

    Nancy Greco, Principal for Client Engagement, Global Technology, and Distinguished Engineer, IBM

    Antony Wildey, Vice President of Global Sales Consulting, Oracle

Video Highlights

  • Generative artificial intelligence is taking AI to new levels for retailers by providing deeper insights into purchasing trends and market personas.
  • The data fueling AI can provide a hyperspecific sense of individual shoppers' needs and desires.
  • As more data is used to fuel AI use cases, data governance will become a critical consideration for retailers.