Jan 15 2024

NRF 2024: Expo Floor Tour

At the retail industry's biggest annual event, innovative technology takes center stage. From generative artificial intelligence to physical security, vendors including NVIDIA, Cisco, Lenovo and Microsoft demonstrated their new offerings on the expo floor at NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show

As retailers seek new tools to meet customer demands and fuel a continued return to in-store shopping, tech solutions are delivering the kind of seamless retail experience consumers expect. This guided tour of the expo floor at NRF 2024, led by CDW Director of Strategic Industries Andy Szanger, conveys just a small sample of the groundbreaking technology being made available to the retail industry this year.

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    Andy Szanger, Director of Strategic Industries, CDW

    Ward Eldred, Solution Architect Manager, NVIDIA

    Paul Battle, Executive Director of U.S. Corporate & Healthcare Infrastructure Solutions Group, Lenovo 

Video Highlights

  • NVIDA was one of multiple vendors touting the power of AI to help retailers engage with customers.
  • Lenovo showed off its digital shelving and signage at NRF 2024.
  • Microsoft, Cisco and other tech leaders showcased how they can help retailers unlock the power of data.