Jan 14 2021

NRF 2021: Retailers Enhance Personalization of Shopping Experiences

When many stores closed or restricted access during the pandemic, customers flocked online for their shopping in greater numbers than ever. This provided retailers with more opportunities to personalize the shopping experience for consumers, drawing them back for repeat services and anticipating their habits over time, with the goal of encouraging more brand loyalty. 

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    Michael Klein, Head of Industry Strategy for Retail, Travel and Consumer Goods, Adobe

    Steve Laughlin, VP and GM of Global Consumer Industry, IBM

    Amit Chetal, Retail Lead for the Americas Industry Organization, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • Retailers can provide options for customers to provide information to "get to know them better."
  • Stores can use customer data to provide a more personalized shopping experience, anticipating consumer desires and interests.
  • Greater personalization can lead to increased brand loyalty, in which customers feel an attachment to a store.