Jun 14 2024

Cisco Live 2024: Why You Should Allow Business Outcomes to Drive Decisions on Emerging Technology

At Cisco Live 2024 in Las Vegas, Joe Markwith and Jill Klein of CDW shared their thoughts on artificial intelligence and other forms of emerging technology. Whether it's a cybersecurity use case for AI, a digitally enhanced video camera with data analytics capabilities or intelligent sensors for a manufacturing facility, decision-makers should identify the business outcome they're seeking before making investments in new technology. 

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WATCH: Find out some of the top use cases for IoT in your industry.


    Joe Markwith, Chief MOAT Strategist, CDW

    Jill Klein, Head of Emerging Technology and IoT, CDW

Video Highlights

  • AI is emerging as a major part of IoT and edge computing.
  • AI isn't just about IT or cybersecurity. There are also use cases for legal, HR, and sales and marketing. 
  • Experts in emerging technologies at CDW promote an approach that is "business first, technology second."