Jan 17 2020

NRF 2020: How Retailers Are Putting Data to Work

Data is everywhere. Retailers who make effective use of it can improve the customer experience and help stores operate more efficiently. At NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show in New York, we asked retail experts for insights into how stores can use data analytics to boost sales. To see more articles and videos from NRF 2020, visit biztechmagazine.com/nrf.

To learn more about how stores can use data analytics effectively, read "The Future of Digital Retail" from CDW. 


    Guy Yehiav, General Manager, Zebra Analytics, Zebra Technologies

    Stacey Shulman, Chief Innovation Officer, Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Education Group, Intel

    Ed Durbin, Global Director, Retail End User Computing, VMware

    John Rutter, CTO, The Shade Store

Video Highlights

  • Data analytics are becoming an essential part of the competitive retail landscape. 
  • To optimize their use of analytics, retailers must clearly identify their objectives. 
  • Ultimately, effective analysis can deliver predictive insights to retailers.