Jan 16 2018

NRF 2018: The In-Store Customer Experience (Built on Digital Interactions)

For retail, technology plays into the end-to-end customer experience — from the moment someone connects with a brand online through any in-store interactions. How is that in-store experience evolving, and what’s critical about its connection to the digital experience? We talk with experts from Fujitsu, Oracle, SOTI and Verizon to find out.

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    Michael Evans, Head of Retail Enterprise for the Americas, SOTI

    Katrina Gosek, Customer Experience and Commerce Tech Expert, Oracle

    Ray Caul, Head of Retail, Fujitsu

    Michele Dupré, Group Vice President, Retail, Hospitality and Distribution, Verizon


Video Highlights

  • Customers want a seamless in-store experience that has the hallmarks of any experience they’ve already had with a brand digitally.

  • Increasingly, stores are becoming showrooms where customers come to touch and feel products and tap different technology to gain additional buying information.

  • The use of data behind the scenes will be critical to delivering experiences based on customer preferences, both in-store and online.