Jun 28 2022

IT Futurist: Digital Twins Unlock Exploration and Innovative Use Cases

As part of our coverage of the CDW Executive SummIT: Delivering Better Outcomes Through IT, we explored one important emerging technology that has the potential to transform a variety of industries for a variety of reasons: digital twins.

Digital twin technology allows for the digital re-creation of real-world objects or things. This includes everything from the human body to the planet Earth. In this edition of IT Futurist, we explore how companies like Amazon Web Services and NVIDIA are helping lead the way when it comes to the business use case for digital twin technologies and how this could unlock incredible solutions for major challenges like climate change or to enhance safety and security in manufacturing.


    • Ricky Ribeiro, Editorial Director, BizTech 

Video Highlights

  • Digital twin technology solutions will allow for safe exploration, training and experimentation in areas such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail.
  • Major technology companies such as AWS and NVIDIA are pushing compelling initiatives that will drive forward the use of digital twins in business.
  • NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is ambitious about digital twin technology and has led the company on its mission to create a digital twin of the Earth, which the company calls Earth-2.

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