Nov 14 2017

Intel Takes a Holistic Approach to Optimizing Data Center Technology

As one of the most iconic brands in technology, Intel brings a significant amount of experience, knowledge and insights to its approach to managing and evolving technology. The chipmaker is all in on the cloud and Intel is all in on the "as a Service" revolution that is sweeping IT. We spoke with Bill Giard, chief technology officer of the data center group for Intel, at CDW's Executive Summit in Chicago to learn more about how the company is positioning businesses for success from an infrastructure perspective in the digital transformation age.


    • William Giard, CTO, Data Center Group, Intel

Video Highlights

  • IT organizations need to accelerate their business objectives and the right infrastructure can spur them to success.
  • Enabling cloud technologies for business is key to Intel's strategy for supporting organizational digital transformation.
  • Database as a Service is something that can be of great value as businesses explore more complex data sets and analytics.