Aug 20 2019

Integrating Security Layers Helps Organizations Deal with Shifting Threats

High-profile breaches have gotten the attention of business executives, raising security to a higher level of priority. This change in status is driven by the emergence of sophisticated state-sponsored cyberthreats that bring an effective, persistent approach to their attacks. At the CDW Protect SummIT in Philadelphia, we spoke with G. Mark Hardy of National Security Corp., who advises integrating different security efforts to improve the effectiveness of an organization's defenses. For more videos and articles from the Protect SummIT, visit

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    G. Mark Hardy, Founder and CEO, National Security Corp.

Video Highlights

  • Organizations face numerous risks with regard to cybersecurity, including financial, regulatory, legal and strategic, making cybersecurity a major priority. 
  • Effective security policies should protect an organization, its information and its people.
  • Compliance is a necessary objective, but it is not a useful measure of security effectiveness.