Jan 30 2023

Innovation @ Work: How Enhanced Video Surveillance Provides Better Security

Video surveillance used to be conducted simply to improve physical safety and security. But with the valuable data that cameras can provide now, video surveillance can do so much more.

When the Oxford Collection of hotels was looking to upgrade its video surveillance system, several factors influenced its decision to invest in technology from Verkada. The company needed a solution that didn't require additional space but could still provide high-quality video footage enhanced with data analytics. 

Kevin Hagan, the Oxford Collection's corporate IT support manager, shares how the upgraded video surveillance system yielded data-rich video that has improved visibility, safety and security for its hotel and restaurant properties.

DIVE DEEPER: Find out how video surveillance with built-in analytics can improve customer service and operations.


    Kevin Hagan, Corporate IT Support Manager, Oxford Collection of Hotels

    Mike Jude, Research Director, IDC Video Surveillance Practice

Video Highlights

  • Enhanced video surveillance can improve physical security and provide an ROI that justifies the costs.
  • Implementing increased video surveillance for a greater number of cameras must involve a holistic view of an organization's computing and networking infrastructure.
  • Video surveillance technology can provide alerts to staff based on motion detection and enable detailed search capabilities.