Jun 11 2019

As Hybrid Environments Extend the IT Perimeter, Security Challenges Grow

In years past, security was an obstacle for organizations looking to migrate workloads to the cloud. But as cloud providers have improved their security posture, they have transformed security from a sticking point to a selling point. At the CDW Core-to-Cloud SummIT in Las Vegas, we spoke with industry leaders and IT experts about how organizations can better secure their hybrid cloud environments. 

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    Moosa Matariyeh, Manager, Cloud Platform Solutions, CDW

    Maxx Lobo, Senior Vice President, Platform and Cloud Services, IAC Publishing

    Matt Axtell, Principal Cloud Client Executive, CDW

    Ellen Kirby, Manager of Technical Operations/Senior Enterprise Architect, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Video Highlights

  • Unlike some other IT operations, redundancy is a beneficial factor in security. 
  • Solutions such as multifactor authentication and encryption are essential for hybrid cloud security. 
  • Security personnel must be empowered to carry out their responsibilities without interference from lines of business.