Apr 08 2019

How Technology Is Accelerating Workplace Evolution

Technology presents businesses with a vast number of challenges and opportunities. Attitudes and expectations about work are changing, and new tools are helping organizations provide more flexible work environments to meet new demands. At the CDW Future of Work SummIT in Atlanta, BizTech's Matt McLaughlin discussed these changes with keynote speaker Ryan Estis, who says businesses must be willing to disrupt themselves before their competitors do. To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work SummIT, visit BizTechMag.com/FOWSummIT2019.

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    Ryan Estis, Chief Experience Officer, Ryan Estis & Associates

Video Highlights

  • The workforce of the future will be far more adaptable and mobile than today.
  • Technology is powering new ways to get work done.
  • The workplace of the future will be constantly evolving. Organizations must commit to change if they want to keep up.