Jul 02 2019

How the IoT is Changing How We Use Technology in the Workforce

From smartphones to bluetooth devices, the way we communicate with technology — and how technology helps us communicate — is changing. In an “always on” society,  technology not only keeps us connected, but helps us work smarter and faster

For Dan Kent, U.S Public Sector CIO with Cisco Systems, that speed and agility comes from leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in a modern business structure. Whether that’s smart cities using connected security to protect business interests, or large companies integrating technology into their workflows to improve output, for the past decade and a half Kent and Cisco have worked to help businesses manage the ever-increasing need to stay connected.


    Dan Kent, U.S. Public Sector CTO, Cisco Systems

Video Highlights

  • For Cisco's Dan Kent, the number of people including technology in their workflows is increasing, even if employees and businesses are unaware of this practice.
  • Cities who adopt IoT technology, like smart security devices, are luring businesses back into urban centers where security was previously a concern. 
  • The increased use of connected devices is tripling, and even quadrupling, the workloads of IT managers.