Apr 09 2019

How Collaboration Tools Keep Remote Workers Connected

Some workers have to do their jobs at construction sites or even at 30,000 feet in a jet airliner. Others may just want to work from home to avoid a time-wasting commute. Either way, remote users need to remain productive outside of a traditional office setting. At the CDW Future of Work SummIT in Atlanta, we spoke to IT leaders in a variety of industries about how they support remote work. To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work SummIT, visit BizTechMag.com/FOWSummIT2019.

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    Sonja Checkwood, Senior Manager of IT, Holder Construction


    Tom Beaver, Executive Director of Technology, Grady Health System


    Derek Whisenhunt, Head of End-User Computing, Southwest Airlines


    Walker Van Arsdale, Manager of Research and Insights Operations, CDW

Video Highlights

  • In places where traffic is a problem, remote work can help users save time and avoid frustration. 
  • Mobile technologies empower users to get their jobs done no matter where they are.  
  • Centralized document management solutions can provide users with access to workflows from anywhere they have an internet connection.