Jul 05 2019

How Box Uses the Cloud to Improve Worker Experience

Box practices what it preaches. The company, which offers software as a service solutions to enable cloud-based collaboration for organizations worldwide, has leveraged the technology internally to streamline onboarding experiences, revolutionize how employees work together and adapt to altered ideas of the traditional office. 

At the Future of Work SummIT, Box IT Director Jason Bergado explains how his company's cloud-first strategy has influenced its approach to technology as a way to increase efficiency, productivity and innovation.


    Jason Bergado, IT Director, Box

Video Highlights

  • Box, which offers cloud-based solutions to organizations worldwide, has found the service boosts its own ability to collaborate, organize and remain efficient outside a traditional office setting. 
  • With a large number of employees working remotely, Box's suite offers greater flexibility and allows organizations to attract and retain a modern workforce.
  • Data analytics has shown Box how to leverage resources like Okta to improve the onboarding experience, as well as how meeting scheduling tools can reduce the drain on critical resources.