Oct 11 2019

Great Advances in Technology Force Organizations to Improve Their Game

Technology is changing the way business is conducted at every level, in every industry. Companies must make faster decisions about a world that looks different every day. At the CDW IT Leadership SummIT in Chicago, we spoke to Leonard Brody, co-founder and executive chairman of Creative Labs, about how organizations can adapt to what he calls the Great Rewrite. For more videos and articles from the SummIT, visit biztechmagazine.com/cdw-it-leadership-summit.

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    Leonard Brody, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Creative Labs

Video Highlights

  • Understanding the history of technology and society can help organizations survive in a new environment.
  • Companies that are willing to test new products, new theories and new employees help themselves to adapt and react to change.
  • Organizations that focus on risk management instead of strategizing their movement forward may face their own extinction.