Dec 17 2014

Get the Answers to Your Chief Concerns Before Cloud Adoption

Most businesses have five chief concerns when considering a move to the cloud: Security, performance, integration, legal and loss of control. Each of these can, and should, be addressed along the journey to cloud and include smart discovery, development and migration strategy. At CDW, a team of cloud client executives works closely with businesses on that journey to define the strategy before any purchase decision is made. Figuring out what should NOT go to the cloud is as critical as determining what should and when.


    • Stephen Braat: Vice President, Cloud & Managed Solutions, CDW 
    • Tim Hanrahan: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Jason Hart: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Jack Nichols: Cloud Client Executive, CDW•G
    • Sandra Yu: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Shane Zide: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Stan Pachura: CIO, National MI
    • Darrick Wilson: Vice President, Information Security & Enterprise Technology, National MI

Video Highlights

  • Find out why the acronym SPILL is so important to the cloud.
  • Key to any cloud migration is a migration assessment, during which you define the neccesary network and storage loads.
  • The cloud isn't about eliminating jobs, it's about eliminating routine tasks to allow your workforce to focus on what really matters.