Nov 03 2021

Full Session: Upgrade Your Workflow with These Simple Tools

All of the changes over the past two years have driven businesses to upgrade their operations in significant ways. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn about some of the technologies that are having a major impact on organizations' workflows.

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    Richard McIlroy, CEO, AFTIA Solutions

    Keara Dowd, Editor, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

    Jordan Scott, Editor, HealthTech

    Mike Goad, Senior Healthcare Mobility Solution Architect, CDW·G

    Kassaundra McKnight-Young, MSN, RN Lead Clinical Informaticist, Truman Medical Centers/University Health

Video Highlights

Many organizations have made changes to their workflows in response to the pandemic.

Changing demographics, especially a younger workforce, have pushed organizations to adopt new tools and processes.

The implementation of e-signature technology has steadily increased throughout the pandemic, and new use cases continue to pop up.