Dec 09 2020

Full Session: It’s All About Time

Our perception is that we don’t have enough time, but we’ve actually gained far more than we’ve needed before. Technology advances that used to take years now take weeks, and the pace of our lives is accelerating to demand simpler engagement, faster decision-making and a digital experience. In this CDW Tech Talk session, watch experts discuss how IT can evolve to meet these challenges. Find our full coverage of the event here.


    Matt Watts, Chief Evangelist, Worldwide Enterprise & Commercial Field Organisation, NetApp

    Troy Brick-Margelofsky, Solution Architect Team Lead for NetApp, CDW

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • The staggering pace of change in technology is resulting in a multitude of new applications.
  • Data is becoming increasingly important during this acceleration.
  • The traditional data center needs to be modernized, but in the right way.