Mar 18 2021

Full Session: Creating an Environment That Supports New Ways to Work

Work in 2021 looks vastly different than it did before 2020. This rapid evolution will continue, and organizations must adapt quickly or risk failing to meet the needs of their workers and customers. In this CDW Tech Talk webcast, experts explore how organizations are creating new environments that meet these changing demands. You can register for the next session here, and find complete coverage of the series here.


    Stephen Miller, Technologist, Lenovo

    Mike Wavrek, Director, Real Estate Transaction Management, CDW

    Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • Neither businesses nor employees plan to be in the office five days a week when social distancing restrictions are loosened.
  • Technology needs to transform headquarters into collaboration centers.
  • An agile office arrangement can increase productivity while saving money.