Sep 16 2020

Full Session: Building a Resilient and Responsive Supply Chain for a Disrupted World

Supply chain–dependent organizations have encountered major disruptions in 2020. Businesses are continuing to learn they need to quickly build supply chain capacity while ensuring the safety of their workforces, accelerating the need to invest wisely in contemporary warehouse technologies. This CDW Tech Talk session describes a warehouse maturity model and technology roadmap designed to help organizations navigate these decisions. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here.


    Chip Yager, VP, Corporate Strategy, Zebra Technologies

    Terry Price, Senior Sales Engineer, Zebra Technologies

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Organizations across industries are facing supply chain disruptions.
  • Successfully optimizing workflow in the new normal takes a phased approach.
  • Manufacturers need to make sure that their work zones are safe amid health concerns.