Feb 27 2019

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Means IT Pros Need to Expand Both Technical and People Skills

The hiring gap and skills shortage in cybersecurity means that there are more jobs out there than there are people, so organizations need to be creative in filling in those gaps. That can mean retraining workers who aren't employed in the cybersecurity field to do that work, or looking to managed services providers for talent and expertise outside of your organization.

We spoke with several IT leaders at the CDW Protect Summit to get their two cents on how companies, and the IT industry as a whole, are grappling with the cybersecurity skills gap. To explore how CDW can partner with your company to offer valuable security services, visit CDW.com/security for more information.


    • Steven Booth, Chief Security Officer, FireEye
    • Greg Dykes, Manager of Technical Services, Davey Tree Expert Company
    • Keren Elazari, Cybersecurity Analyst, Author, Speaker and Researcher

Video Highlights

  • The job market for cybersecurity is at a negative unemployment rate: There are more jobs than there are people to fill them.
  • Security is everyone's problem, which means everyone should have a vested interest in security even if it's not in their job title.
  • Companies are getting creative in attempting to fill the skills gap by retraining workers to fill security jobs or tapping third-party vendors to consult on or outsource security jobs.