Jan 24 2017

Customer Preferences and Expectations Are Driving Retail Technology Deployments

Customer preferences and habits are providing retailers and their technology partners with valuable insights into which IT investments they should make. Speaking at the CDW Retail Customer Technology Summit in Las Vegas, executives from CDW, Intel and Sodexo highlighted how the retail technology landscape is changing in response to connected consumers. 


    • John Stine, Global Director of Retail and Hospitality, Intel 
    • Paul Epperley, Director of Consumer Facing Technology, Sodexo 
    • Mike Bock, Director of Sales, South, CDW 

Video Highlights

  • Retailers need to understand their customers' preferences and habits as they design enterprise-wide retail IT solutions. 
  • If retailers are making customers' lives easier with their point-of-sale and retail technologies, they are going to be more frequent visitors, delivering return on investment. 
  • Retailers are increasingly starting pilots in a small number of stores to test and demonstrate the value of new technologies.