Apr 10 2018

Collaboration Technology Brings Teams Together

With more workers spending time away from the office, many organizations are looking for ways to capture the "water cooler effect," when workers innovate after connecting randomly around the office. Remote work can offer advantages such as improvements in flexibility, productivity and efficiency, but organizations may lose out on some benefits of having employees work in an office environment. Having workers together in the same place can create closer connections among employees and spur innovation. At the CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT, IT leaders discussed how they try to replicate the water cooler effect and help their workers connect. Visit our CDW Enabling the Workforce SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Brian Quill, Director of Retail IT and Operations, Under Armour

    Brent Laufenberg, Chief Technology Officer, Rise Interactive

    Matt Stratis, Project Manager, IAC

    Joe Giannetti, Vice President of IT, Applied Systems

Video Highlights

  • Remote workers want to feel connected with their colleagues. 
  • Collaboration and videoconferencing tools can make remote workers feel like their part of the team. 
  • Social tolls help create the "water cooler effect" that connects coworkers.