Aug 20 2020

Cloud Operating and Consumption Models: Managing the Consistently Inconsistent

Hybrid cloud has become the standard model for organizations to deploy, as they keep some resources on-premises while also enjoying the benefits of the public cloud. Yet there is an evolving conversation underway on strategy, and which cloud operating and consumption models are the best fit for different organizations. In this CDW Tech Talk, explore how to decide which cloud operating and consumption models make the most sense for you. To see more articles and videos from the CDW Tech Talk series, visit


    Bob Bragdon, Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

    Mike Peck, Partner Field CTO, Dell Technologies

Video Highlights

  • There is a great deal of debate over which cloud operating and consumption models are the right fit for organizations. 
  • A consistent cloud operating model has many benefits, including improved efficiency and simplicity in operations.
  • The greatest cloud technology in the world does not matter if an organization's budget cannot support it.