Jun 17 2020

Cisco Live 2020: Diving into the Future of Collaboration

Collaboration technology has been critically important since the start of widespread remote work, as quality audioconferencing, videoconferencing and document sharing have been crucial in allowing workers to continue to be productive. During Cisco Live, experts discussed how far businesses have come and what collaboration will look like moving forward. Find BizTech's full coverage here.


    Hakim Mehmood, VP and GM of Calling and Devices in the Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco 

    Rahul Mathur, Principal Solutions Architect, Collaboration, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Solution Architect Team Lead, Collaboration, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Collaboration tools have been used not only to maintain productivity, but also to give employees a sense of normalcy.
  • Investing in quality audio and video tools makes a big difference in user experience.
  • The next phase of collaboration will involve integrating intelligence.