Jun 13 2019

Cisco Live 2019: Webex Gets a Dose of AI with Cognitive Collaboration

We take for granted how much of our work relies on communicating effectively with our coworkers, clients and colleagues. As the workplace has become more modernized, globalized and digitized, the tools that we use for collaboration have become even more integral to the success of our workdays. Cisco's Webex platform has been a long-standing leader in the collaboration sphere, but that position of strength hasn't made the company complacent. At Cisco Live 2019, the company unveiled an infusion of AI into its Webex platform, which it calls Cognitive Collaboration. Some of this manifests in things like People Insights, which uses AI to crawl the web for public information about people you're meeting with outside of your organization, or to crawl internal data sources for people within your company. Take a look at what this AI-fueled version of Webex can do for your business.

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    • Sri Srinivasan, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Cisco Webex Meetings, Teams & Devices, Cisco Systems
    • Maureen Vild, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems
    • JJ Joson, Client Engagement Manager, CDW

Video Highlights

  • The new version of Webex aims to put human interaction at the forefront with AI in the background to facilitate and support work.
  • People Insights, which offers information about meeting participants at a glance, is one example of Webex's new AI-enhanced experiences.
  • In addition to Cognitive Collaboration, the new version of Webex seeks to unify call, meet and message across all devices.