Jun 14 2019

Cisco Live 2019: Quantum Computing Presents an Exciting (and Scary) Future for IT

For a while, Moore's Law was the gold standard. The idea that computing power would double roughly every 18 months was tried and true — until, in 2015, it wasn't. The end of Moore's Law, however, does not mean the end of the computing revolution. Instead, to break new ground, we must shift the way computing happens completely. That's where quantum computing comes in. This new form of computing, which leverages quantum physics, will fundamentally shift the way technology functions as we know it.

Cisco has a research and development team hard at work piloting quantum computing, and one of the first areas they're dabbling in is the impact that quantum computing will have on security. Because of the processing power and scale of quantum computing, the current forms of encryption we have at our disposal today will likely be useless. We spoke with Cisco Fellow Dave McGrew to understand what the quantum era will mean for business IT and how Cisco is preparing for it.

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    • Dave McGrew, Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems

Video Highlights

  • A quantum computer can explore a lot more state space than a classical computer, which means it can solve problems that current computers can't.
  • Medical and material science will be revolutionized in the post-quantum era, opening up the door to incredibly resilient materials and groundbreaking medicine.
  • Cisco has built a prototype that is able to incorporate session keys from a post-quantum secure technology to get ahead of the cryptography compromises that present a real threat.