Jun 15 2018

Cisco Live 2018: How to Create an IT Culture That Empowers Everyone

It’s no secret that historically, women have been underrepresented in the technology industry. However, IT leaders need to push back against unconscious biases within their organizations that lead men to conclude that women don’t have the necessary skills to be successful. Women need strong mentors and sponsors who can give them the opportunities to succeed, and should be treated as full members of any team. At Cisco Live 2018, we spoke with a variety of executives and industry leaders about how organizations can create a culture that empowers all employees, regardless of gender. 

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    Susie Wee, VP and CTO, Cisco DevNet

    Ish Limkakeng, SVP of Product Management, Data Center, Cisco 

    Lauren Woodman, CEO, NetHope 

    Jeff Reed, SVP of Product, Cisco's Security Business 

    Andrea Burk, Athlete and Motivational Speaker

    Patrice D'Eramo, VP, Americas Marketing and Communications, Cisco 


Video Highlights

  • Leaders of organizations should focus on how to build the best teams possible, regardless of whether the team members are women or men. 
  • Both men and women have a role and a responsibility to serve as mentors and sponsors for women looking to advance in IT. 
  • Leaders, especially men, need to set the tone for the rest of the organization on the importance of inclusiveness.