Jun 13 2018

Cisco Live 2018: Cisco's WebEx Teams Aims to Simplify Collaboration

The modern meeting is getting streamlined. It's no longer just an audio call, a PowerPoint presentation or a videoconference. It's all of those things at once, and new collaboration tools enable teams within organizations to work together in a more seamless fashion so that they can be more productive. Cisco's recently launched WebEx Teams application, which the company unveiled in May, allows teams to collaborate anywhere from any device. At Cisco Live 2018, Don Barker, an enterprise collaboration consultant at CDW, gave us a demo of some of the application's key features and explained how collaboration tools are evolving. 

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    Don Barker, Enterprise Collaboration Consultant, CDW

Video Highlights

  • WebEx Teams provides a single client for calling, messaging, meeting and sharing files, meaning organizations do not have to use multiple applications to get work done. 
  • WebEx Teams can help organizations reduce emails and the number of meetings they need to conduct to stay productive. 
  • The app can detect when smartphones are near videoconferencing endpoints and can automatically connect them to allow users to conduct video calls.