Jun 28 2017

Cisco Live 2017: Envisioning Our IoT Future

Adding an extra layer of depth to connectivity within a business can be transformative. Warehouses can enhance logistics and make adjustments in real-time. Retailers can monitor and optimize the customer experience and merchandise placement based on foot traffic. These use cases and more are propelling companies to explore how the Internet of Things can be a force for good within their businesses and ultimately drive increased efficiencies and a healthier bottom line. We spoke with a few attendees at Cisco Live 2017 to get their take on how IoT is shaping our future.

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    • Shaun Cooley, CTO IoT and Industries, Cisco Systems
    • Mike Figart, Network Architect, Great American Insurance Group
    • Tim Wolfe, Manufacturing IT Infrastructure Manager, Roseburg

Video Highlights

  • The Internet of Things can support and bolster increased automation across many businesses.
  • Beacon technology in retail is one of the most prominent and popular examples of IoT at work.
  • Keeping an eye on IT resources and usage allows businesses to scale smartly and as needed.