Jul 11 2016

Cisco Live 2016: Cisco Systems Unveils New Cloud Security Tools

Cisco Systems goes all in on cloud security, announcing new products and services at Cisco Live 2016 that will make security management less complex. We talk with Ben Munroe of Cisco’s security products group about how SMBs can use these tools, along with Umbrella in Open DNS, to improve and ease security practices.


    Ben Munroe, Senior Security Manager, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • Learn about new tools for cloud security unveiled at Cisco Live 2016.
  • Find out how small and midsized businesses can take advantage of Security as a Service.
  • Learn about the new Cisco Defense Orchestrator and also about Advanced Malware Protection on Meraki — two tools that will can deliver enterprise security into SMB environments.
  • Find out how Open DNS can ease security by centralizing services under Umbrella

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