Mar 03 2017

Chemence Adopts Hyperconvergence for Simplicity, Flexibility and Savings

Chemence, a multinational company that makes solvents, resins and adhesives for various industries, realized it needed to update its IT infrastructure as it expanded. The business embraced a hyperconverged solution to gain more flexibility and easily bring together servers and other equipment in the United States and Europe.


    Alan Scott, IT Manager, Chemence 

    Nigel Cooper, Global Head of Finance, Chemence 

    Laurence Huff, CFO/General Manager, Chemence

Video Highlights

  • As Chemence expanded through mergers, it realized other firms had better IT infrastructure that it did. 
  • The company opted to deploy a hyperconverged solution because it consolidated computing, storage and networking, simplifying its IT footprint. 
  • Chemence will now be able to add its 15 to 20 European servers to its hyperconverged environment in the U.S., providing tangible cost savings.