Dec 16 2020

CDW Tech Talk: What We Learned About Digital Leadership

As we head into the future of work, IT can no longer take a back seat to business operations. The two must be able to work together to lead an organization into an era where digital transformation and acceleration will be necessities. At CDW's latest Tech Talk, "Driving Digital Leadership for the New Business Horizon," we heard from leaders and experts about how to succeed in the new digital reality. Find our full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here.


    Sanjay Sood, Senior Vice President & CTO, CDW

    Tony Surma, Chief Architect, Microsoft

    Justin Stahl, Vice President of IT, Chicago Bears 

    Jeff Meek, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networks Switching, Cisco

    Joyce Tse, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networking, Cisco

    Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

Video Highlights

  • Using technology for technology's sake doesn't work. Technology needs to align with business objectives.
  • Collaboration across departments allows IT to be more involved from the beginning, ensuring smoother operations.
  • It's more important than ever for leaders to demonstrate empathy.