Dec 14 2020

CDW Tech Talk: The Time of the Smart Building Is Here

Remote work likely isn't going anywhere, but most businesses plan on bringing at least some of their employees back to the office. Building technology is often overlooked when organizations consider digital transformation, but the pandemic has pushed tech such as sanitizing technology and employee management platforms to the forefront. Watch experts from Cisco look ahead at some of the tools that will help keep workplaces safe and efficient. Find our full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here.


    Jeff Meek, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networks Switching, Cisco

    Joyce Tse, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networking, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • Employees need to feel like they are safe when they return to the office.
  • Much of the building technology that can help create a trusted workplace already exists.
  • New employee tracking and data management tools can help keep workers healthy.