Jul 19 2021

CDW Tech Talk Series: How Businesses Can Drive Innovation From the Inside Out

Companies are handling enormous amounts of data, which can be a valuable asset. In this CDW Tech Talk webcast, learn why your organization needs data science to gain a competitive edge.

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    Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

    Ed Soo-Hoo, Innovation and Transformation Executive, Lenovo

    Adrian "Esco" Escobedo, Digital Transformation Evangelist, Lenovo

    John Encizo, Field CTO and Solutions Architect, Lenovo

    Mark Chong, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, CDW

    Amarnath Lingam, Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics and Data Science/AI, CDW


Video Highlights

  • Watch the full session.
  • IT shouldn't be seen as a cost center or an adversary but as an essential part of your business.
  • New tools will be more fully adopted by users if they're involved in the development process from the beginning.