Jul 13 2021

Full Session: How Data Analytics Can Give Your Organization a Competitive Edge

As businesses begin to realize the value of the data all around them, the companies who get ahead will be those who unlock the potential this information offers. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn how IT tools can help your organization to thrive. 

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    Adrian "Esco" Escobedo, Digital Transformation Evangelist, Lenovo

    Ed Soo-Hoo, Innovation and Transformation Executive, Lenovo

    John Encizo, Field CTO and Solutions Architect, Lenovo

    Mark Chong, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, CDW

    Amarnath Lingam, Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics and Data Science/AI, CDW

    Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • The free flow of information between IT and other business verticals can help business units to discover competitive opportunities.
  • Companies and nonprofit organizations have found innovative ways to use their data to support business processes throughout the pandemic.
  • When considering how to use data to digitally transform your business, it's important to ask what problem you're trying to solve.