Dec 15 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Putting Tech at the Core of Culture and Strategy

As remote work has become widespread, technology has grown beyond simply enabling business processes and become an integral part of executive strategy. IT leaders are now being incorporated into high-level decision-making, from how to streamline operations to how to drive strong customer experiences. At CDW's Tech Talk, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Microsoft Chief Architect Tony Surma discuss what business leaders need to consider in order to bring their organizations into the digital future. Find our full coverage of the event here.


    Tony Surma, Chief Architect, Microsoft 

    Pat Gelsigner, CEO, VMware


Video Highlights

  • Technology will be the cornerstone of the enterprise moving forward.
  • Leadership needs to make sure that employees are empowered by the technology deployed.
  • People are an organization's greatest asset.