Jul 30 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Increase and Accelerate Cloud Adoption While Remaining Cost-Conscious

When it comes to the cloud, cost management is more than just cost optimization. During a presentation for CDW's Tech Talk series, AWS Director of Solutions Architecture Matt Yanchyshyn offered insights on how companies can leverage the cloud to lower costs, make staff more productive, improve operational resilience and increase business agility. To see more articles and videos from the Tech Talk series, visit biztechmagazine.com/TechTalk.

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    Matt Yanchyshyn, Director, Solutions Architecture, AWS

Video Highlights

  • The cloud isn't a traditional data center, and cost management is more than just cost optimization.
  • By taking the right approach to cloud financial management, companies are seeing major benefits, including cost savings and enhanced productivity.
  • By providing the proper resources to shape and govern your business's cloud cost management strategy, AWS can help you to realize your cloud financial goals.