Sep 18 2018

CDW Executive SummIT: How Technology Is Changing the Workplace

The better an organization's employees are able to collaborate, the more effective they are at their jobs. Organizations in a variety of industries are deploying new tools to help users maximize their productivity. At the recent CDW Executive SummIT, we asked IT leaders from across the U.S. about how they're using collaboration solutions to improve the workplace. Visit our CDW Executive SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Andrew Cullip, IT Director, Thor Motor Coach

    Patricia DuBois, Senior Director, Information Technology, Orion Group Holdings

    Liz Sturrock, Vice President, Information Technology, National Association of Realtors

Video Highlights

  • Establishing a culture of continuous improvement requires an organization to continuously re-evaluate its operations.
  • Settling on a single collaboration platform may encourage buy-in from users who are confused by having multiple tools. 
  • When making technological changes in an established company, it's important to make sure that users still have the same comfort level and maintain their relationships.